Pet Boarding

We understand that leaving your cherished companion behind can be emotional. That’s why we’ve crafted a pet boarding service that goes beyond the ordinary, giving you peace of mind while you’re away.

A cat in a carrier

A Haven of Comfort for
Your Precious Companion

Imagine a place where your pet’s comfort and happiness are the top priorities. At Cole Veterinary Clinic, our pet boarding service is meticulously designed to provide a serene and welcoming environment, ensuring your pet feels right at home. From cozy sleeping quarters to interactive play areas, every detail is tailored to accommodate your pet’s individual needs. Our experienced veterinary staff, who are passionate pet lovers themselves, ensure that your furry friend receives personalized attention and affection throughout their stay.

We understand the stress of leaving your pet behind. Our boarding facility is like a home away from home, where your pet’s comfort is our utmost priority. Our trained veterinary professionals are skilled in identifying your pet’s unique requirements. Whether it’s dietary needs, medication, or special routines, we’ve got it covered.

Discover the Difference at Cole Veterinary Clinic

Cole Veterinary Clinic is more than just a place to leave your pet – it’s a haven of compassion, understanding, and care. We know that your pets are family, and we treat them as such. Our exceptional pet boarding service in Jacksonville Beach, FL, caters to the emotional well-being of your furry companions, ensuring they’re not just taken care of but genuinely loved.

When life calls you away, choose Cole Veterinary Clinic for an unmatched pet boarding experience that not only eases your worries but delights your pet. Because your pet’s joy is our joy, and their comfort is our commitment. Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can make your pet’s stay exceptional.

Pets thrive on social interaction. Our designated play areas provide ample opportunities for your furry friend to make new companions and enjoy fun-filled activities. Your pet’s safety is non-negotiable. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with security measures to ensure their well-being. We keep a close watch on your pet’s health during their stay. If any concerns arise, our experienced veterinary team can provide immediate medical attention. With our pet boarding service, separation anxiety has become a thing of the past. Your pet will be engaged, entertained, and comforted, making their stay stress-free and enjoyable.